Thursday 20. March to Thursday 17. April 2014

Larding and Barding

Alexa Hatanaka, Patrick Thompson

Opening Reception / Vernissage: Thursday 20. March 2014 18:00

New paintings, prints and objects by Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Thompson.

Larding and barding are culinary tricks of wrapping and weaving extra fat onto meat while cooking for additional flavor and tenderness.

While making Larding and Barding, Thompson and Hatanaka are living in Nilaveli, Sri Lanka. Their neighbours are onion farmers, fishermen, stray dogs, orderly cows, cunning crows, children flying plastic bag-kites, giant leaf-like grasshoppers, and minds made distant by language barrier that hold vivid memories of war and the tsunami. They have become a staple curiosity, receiving exciting greetings and hearing mumblings interspersed with “artists,” “painters" while
they walk their small street.

It is welcomed and inevitable that bits and bytes of Hatanaka’s and Thompson’s environment are sinking into their art. Simultaneously they are preoccupied by many concerns and interests: fuelled by Google news, sharing childhood stories, playing with materials, strange colour combinations, the state of their home country, thoughts of their next destination and memories surfacing from where they’ve been. It’s all connected and they are fascinated by the connections, dotting the lines consciously or not.

Hatanaka and Thompson travel a lot, work together, eat together, dream together,  pull their hair out together, and this Larding and Barding, these works are the result of three months spent in this little piece of paradise. They wrapped, they wove, they added flavor and tenderness.