Wednesday 30. April to Thursday 29. May 2014


Gian Paul Lozza

Opening Reception / Vernissage: Wednesday 30. April 2014 18:00

The Trace Gallery presents ‘Homeland’, a recent project by photographer Gian Paul Lozza.
A pristine skatepark is shot at night using only ambient light. In the resulting landscape images the surrounding streetlights throw intersecting pools of light; the lines are softened by diffuse moonlight. If the forms are organic, the environment is still entirely artificial.
A number of portraits, in black and white, of young men who skateboard in the park. Each stands alone before the photographer’s neutral background.
‘Homeland’, the evocative title of this body of work, is in truth the name of the location where all these pictures were taken. It is located on the western fringes of Zurich, built after more than a decade of lobbying by local skaters. Gian Paul Lozza’s landscapes were taken before the park was completed, and the portraits after the skaters had adopted it. Nevertheless, these pictures could be in any number of different, similar sites.

A selection of images from the ‘Homeland’ series will be published in a book from Hakuin Verlag. The book launch and exhibition opening take place at The Trace Gallery on 30th April. The exhibition remains open until 29th May 2014.