Founded in 2011 by a group of arts and crafts enthusiasts including Sarah van Nuffel, Walter Fuchs and Marc van Nuffel the Trace Gallery is currently run by Regina Gregory, Rio Kawaguchi, Reto Gehrig and Donovan Gregory. The founders have built a platform for a dynamic creative field on the corner of Zurich’s Militärstrasse and Kanonengasse: its name is The Trace Gallery.

The Trace Gallery will show art that resists categorisation: it could be hot rod, tattoo art, design, low-brow, illustration, cartoons, graphic design, typography, photography, animé, technical drawing or all or none of these.

The Trace Gallery will show art that is often informed by design and urban artefacts, becoming art when it takes a step further than is necessary, pushing boundaries and exploring new territories.

The Trace Gallery is a place for the subcultural, the unfamiliar, the obsessive.

The Trace Gallery picks up and amplifies interesting impulses from the broadest creative spectrum, be their authors trained artists, artisans or auto didacts.

The Trace Gallery does not strive to be part of a mainstream art scene, looking instead for new energies that emerge from the cultural fringes. The focus is not validation from highbrow institutions but rather engagement with creators who redefine their fields.

The Trace Gallery's programme is an international mix of established masters and emerging younger talents; the selection of these artists is not led by their qualifications or popularity, the essential common denominator is that their works possess immediacy.

The Trace Gallery exhibitions must speak to every viewer, not communicate in a cryptic language to be deciphered only by the initiated.

The Trace Gallery celebrates the visual, art that can sustain, indeed rewards, intense inspection.

The Trace Gallery is for art that can be indescribable, subversive and exciting and, most of all, which is of life as we live it.

The Trace Gallery programmes six major exhibitions a year with spontaneous events and happenings curated in between. Mixing acknowledged masters with newer talents the gallery showcases an ever-changing selection of original artworks, limited edition prints, posters, toys and gadgets for new and experienced collectors.